Changing Horses Risk Webinar Pre-Recorded CTA v.2

HDVI's Risk Adjustment expert, Bryan Lee, talks about challenges that health plans are having with manual chart retrieval/coding processes, outsourcing to MRR vendors, and the coordination of combined Risk and HEDIS efforts. Learn how HDVI alleviates their issues with a flexible, redesigned software platform, utilizing the latest technologies, for health plans who want to fully outsource, be fully self-sufficient, or want to share responsibility for Risk initiatives.

If you're thinking that it's time to change horses for greater Risk success, watch our webinar today!

  1. Replace manual processes and aging home-grown systems with the latest technologies
  2. Leverage our proprietary Verify/Delete+Add workflow to eliminate steps, reduce risk and increase documentation accuracy
  3. Complete code-capture, rather than only focusing on HCC's, allows your CEO to sign annual attestations knowing that you have submitted complete, timely and accurate data
  4. Reuse retrieved and coded charts from Risk initiatives for both HEDIS and RADV audits
  5. Real-time insights into how easy/hard it is to engage your provider network for records, in order to drive greater compliance for higher retrieval rates
Additionally, learn about NEW developments in our MRCS software platform for retrospective or concurrent projects.

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Bryan Lee
VP Payer Solutions & Chief Compliance Officer

Bryan has over 25 years of experience in healthcare specifically in Medicare Managed Care. He has significant P&L management experience with a track record of business growth and profit improvements. He has been successful in leading multi-year, multi-million dollar projects, operational consolidations as well as continuous improvement initiatives that achieve bottom line results.