Every year, without fail, HEDIS consumes the lives of government-sponsored health plans and the companies that work with them. For the Health Data Vision, Inc. (HDVI) staffers in its Glendale, California headquarters and scattered throughout the U.S., as well as its 150 to 200 contracted Abstractors that assist to meet the NCQA’s requirements, it's several months of intense work each January to May.  

For HDVI, HEDIS is a well-timed circus of onboarding hundreds of seasonal staff, training them on its SaaS-based MRCS platform, calling on medical providers for missing documentation, sending field technicians to gather medical records – with the long-term goal to be replaced by HDVI’s completely paperless retrieval system, SVP (Secure Virtual Print) – then processing records to be sure that all proper measures are applied, as well as, those who participate peripherally in the hubbub that is HEDIS. 

Now that HEDIS 2018 (2017 dates of service) is fading into the past, we reconvened with customers Triple-S Salud and Priority Health on June 29, 2018, to answer the question: how precisely has the MRCS platform impacted their HEDIS projects this year, as well as, what are their health plan’s unique challenges and successes? The following is an excerpt of our virtual roundtable, with HDVI's Mike Curran as moderator, as well as Rita Young and Kevin Owens as contributors. 

Natalia Diaz, Sr. Quality Analytics Manager at Triple-S Salud, Puerto Rico.
QuestionHow did MRCS facilitate your success?
Answer[One way is] the use of only one tool and not having manual Excel spreadsheets and other tools. Scheduling and retrieval software from HDVI has empowered us to schedule and get to the locations on the same day.

 James Trout, Senior Program Manager - Quality Analytics at Priority Health, Michigan
Question: What aspects/capabilities of MRCS uniquely supported you?
Answer: [One thing that] we enjoy is the fact that the MRCS platform has very visible and transparent reporting. The numbers are easy to trace back and easy to report. We [also] definitely liked the addition of the mobile app this year.

Rita Young, Chief Operating Officer at HDVI
QuestionHow does MRCS support you in driving a broad set of customers during HEDIS?
AnswerAs you know, when we go throughout the course of HEDIS, it changes every day, every hour. MRCS is an application that allows you to review the data, make a decision, and then quickly pivot a work plan in order to meet any goals and objectives that may be coming due. 

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