MRCS 5.0 is coming soon! Kevin Owens, VP of Product, recently hosted a webinar to give viewers a sneak peek at all of its exciting new features. Here is a brief clip from the webinar where Kevin explains the approach that Health Data Vision, Inc. took when evolving our SaaS platform for medical record retrieval and review.

 Register here to see the entire 30-minute webinar. What are some of the things that make 5.0 our most exciting release yet?

  • Upgraded infrastructure with security and privacy natively built-in
  • Dedicated retrieval modules
  • Integrated calling, fax and email for enhanced provider engagement
  • Embedded and interactive analytics
  • MRCS Exchange: other healthcare technology companies connect to our platform through APIs, extending functionality and capability
  • HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certification affirms that Health Data Vision, Inc. adheres to the strictest security standards for PHI
  • Built-in HITRUST controls for managing users, passwords and accounts at the enterprise level, integrated into your environment for single sign-on

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Health Data Vision, Inc. (HDVI) is dedicated to empowering health plans to be in control of their medical record retrieval and review initiatives. We provide Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial ACA health plans with an enterprise-grade, SaaS platform for Risk Adjustment, Quality Improvement, and Audit initiatives. Customers can manage projects completely in-house using their own resources, as a full-service customer, or using a collaborative model.