Health Data Vision, Inc. (HDVI), a healthcare analytics company providing a SaaS platform for the increasingly critical needs in medical record analysis, announces today that it has closed its Series A financing round. The investment has been made jointly by GRP Partners, the largest VC firm in Los Angeles, and Redhills Ventures, a Las Vegas-based VC firm with an outstanding track record in healthcare. HDVI will use the new capital to scale operations and develop new software and services and expand its sales and partner channels.

HDVI provides SaaS-based healthcare analytics solutions and process automation for medical records. Its customers are health plans and providers all across the United States.

"This investment allows us to scale our operations and sales to keep pace with rapidly increasing demand. HDVI will also continue to aggressively innovate and expand the capabilities our customers want and need,” says Michael Klotz, HDVI’s President and CEO. “Medical records collection and analysis has traditionally been an underserved market. Now, more than ever, needs are changing, new needs are emerging and the financial significance of medical record reviews is exploding. We are very excited to be in a position to respond to these needs with compelling solutions.”

The company plans to aggressively build out its SaaS platform and add groundbreaking new capabilities, which include self-provisioning for clients and partners, critical to HDVI’s key strategic goal of building a broad partner community with complementary technology and services. HDVI will continue to scale and automate the electronic records retrieval capabilities it has introduced in partnership with MEA last October and expand real-time analytics for clinical data and process metadata, enabling a new level of decision support for customers.

The next major release of HDVI’s SaaS platform will also include mobile/tablet capabilities for executive, management and clinical users. Aside from significant feature and scalability enhancements, the company plans to announce a number of new services and solutions in the months to come.



About Health Data Vision, Inc.

Health Data Vision, Inc., headquartered in Glendale, CA, provides a SaaS-based healthcare analytics platform for medical record analysis and targeted solutions for HEDIS® Hybrid, Medicare RAPS, RADV and ACO Quality review initiatives. The platform provides flexible scalable workflows and automation for medical records-intensive project needs of health plans and providers in the United States.

HDVI’s patent-pending, process-centric approach provides state-of-the art automation, quality and audit features, and real-time analytics—all critical for successful medical record review initiatives.

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